Today I want to talk about someone who was always there.  Yea, I was blessed with wonderful loving parents but there was always this one person only 18 months older than me so she understood.  My older sister Andrea.  When I complained about bullies to my parents, they would go through channels to try and get resolution.  Andrea went to the source and GOT resolution!

Boys!  Who doesn’t think they’re older same-sex sibling knew everything about the opposite sex!?  Andrea and I spent many hours in a corner of a room having private conversations about boys and puberty in general.  She gave me gentle advice.  She kept my confidences unless she felt I was in danger or getting there.

Both my sisters and I did things as kids.  Jam sessions with every instrument in the house.  During these our parents would go for LONG walks.  My parents were big into learning and teaching first-aid.  We practiced on each other.  We never had science kits.  we learned with what our parents felt safe letting us use.  Dad built me a special tandem bicycle.  We tied my wheelchair to it. Andrea and I rode the bike, Annette rode in the wheelchair. We went everywhere!  Especially Dairy Queen and the park to watch little league baseball.

One of my favorite memories is, the summer before I entered high school, she took me to the mall.  We shopped and did other “girl things”.  We ate lunch in the food court.  She told me how to navigate high school.  Best boy talk ever!  Private sorry.  High school:  Don’t buy tickets to the pep rally.  Ninja’s will NOT drop out of elevator ceilings to beat up students that aren’t supposed to ride them!

One weekend she came home from college and we went out again.  We stopped at a car wash, she opened the ceiling so we could watch it.  The plexi glass door was also open.  We SCRAMBLED to close it as the wash was starting!  We laughed for an hour!

We have our own lives now, but that has never dampened our friendship.  We go back and forth to see each other.  She’s visiting as I’m blogging.  She is still quick to offer help, love and wisdom.  She is totally dedicated to her family and friends and is willing to commit to anything that needs doing.











I live on a horse ranch. I'm good at what I do and what I do is be ME!

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