I recently tried to do a favor for a friend.  Her service dog was killed by a vicious pit bull.  Wanting to help her with obtaining another one, I joined a Facebook group that specializes in service animals.  One question they asked in order to join was what reason do you have for wanting to join the group?  I said I’m doing a favor for a friend.   I got accepted.  I asked for resources to get help with vet bills and to get another dog.  The one that was killed started as a pet and got training.  I read ALL 38 RULES and saw NOTHING that said that I couldn’t do what I was doing.  So, I asked for the needed help.  My request was deleted and I was told to read the rules again.  I did.  Nothing indicated that I had broken the rules.  After I posted that the dog had died, I was attacked by other members.  I left the group so they wouldn’t have the satisfaction of banning me!  So begs the question….

WHAT HAPPENED TO HUMANITY?  The act of being HUMAN!  When Ellen DeGeneres received a humanitarian award, she said, “It seems silly to receive an award for being nice and kind and generous.  I mean that’s kind of the point of being human.”  Aren’t we supposed to be there for each other?  That what I thought.  Am I wrong?  I hope not!  When someone I care about has a problem or a crisis, I will do everything I can to help you, to support you.  It breaks my heart that I was treated like this.   It fills me up to help people and make their lives better.   The reward for doing it is doing it!  The best way to uplift yourself is to uplift others!

So, what happened?  When did the rules change?  We used to have each others backs.  Now, we only look out for No. 1.   Where I live, if we see your livestock on the road, we will shoe them back onto your property and help you fix your fence.   We share extra bounty from our crops.   No one has to ask for the help, we know, we’re there.  We didn’t change the rules.  Who did?  You?   Instead of “All for one and one for all” it’s “One for One and One for One”?

How do we get back to humanity?  Step outside, meet and greet your neighbors.  Smile, show some warmth.  It will catch on.  I promise!





I live on a horse ranch. I'm good at what I do and what I do is be ME!

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