What Fills Your Hole?

Are you missing something?  Do you have a hole?  A void?  What caused that void?  Maybe a death?  Someone moved?  You moved?  Job change?  It makes you want to scream!  Nobody around for miles to hear that scream!  What do you do?

The answer is different for everybody.  A move?  Maybe your void is your old friends aren’t there.  Make new ones!  How?  Volunteer at your children’s new school, a nursing facility. an animal shelter, find a church family,  Take a pie to your new neighbors.  Connect!   I’ve done some of these things to fill my hole.

Job change?   You miss your customers, your clients, your colleagues, your boss!  Ok  maybe not your boss!  They will always be part of your life and memories.  That won’t change.   Your new job is a whole nother world!  New ideas, new techniques.   Be and show the BEST YOU YOU HAVE!   It’s ok to show some your perspective and some of the ways you’ve learned.  HEY,  that’s why you were hired!   Experiences and people will fill your hole.

Death, hmmm, ok, let’s figure this one out together.  Nothing and no one can REPLACE the loss.   Every person or pet is  unique in their own way.  I had that one friend that showed me perspectives on friendship and life in general.  (Blog post:  The Best Teachers Don’t Always Teach In Classrooms.)   There will never be anyone else like her.  The Blessings I live with, (AKA, my parents), Yes, I still have them, but when I lose them that won’t just be a hole but a PIT!

Pets, you think, get a new one, simple!  Um, NO!  A new pet will help to a degree but if you’re looking that specific pitch in their whistle, a tone in their bark, the way they put their head on you and look at you with THOSE EYES!  FORGET IT!  You will find a different pitch and look.  I’m not saying don’t get a pet if you really want one, I’m saying don’t expect exacts, that won’t happen.

So, what fills your hole?  Think about it.


Author: ademey1hotmail.com

I live on a horse ranch. I'm good at what I do and what I do is be ME!

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