Band Aids

In a previous post I said that I ripped someone up because I was dropped off the bus schedule again.  I asked someone else to “put a band aid” on what I had done.  Then the next time I got this operator I apologized, which I should have, She said she remembered the conversation, THAT’S ALL!  She needed to learn costumer “lip” service.

Years ago I had my gallbladder removed.  It got complicated.  A temporary medicine ball was sewn into me.  The day the Doctor removed the medicine ball, he noticed it was upside down. (Still worked though.)  He went BALLISTIC!  He told the Nurse she was incompetent and should not be working with patients!  All in front of me A PATIENT!  I knew I couldn’t apologize FOR him, so I put a band aid on it.  I bought her lunch.

Band-aids are temporary fixes.  They stop the bleeding in the moment.  But what about when the band-aids fall off?  The wounds are still there.  They still hurt.  They still burn!  What do you do?  Think about what caused the wound.   Was it words?  Was it actions, in-actions?   You can’t take anything back.

So, go mindfully forward.  By mindfully I mean, don’t forget even if it’s possible.  How you felt.  How you made people feel.  Now when I call bus dispatch to schedule a ride, I am so polite and respectful that I hope they look forward to my calls.  I have become more careful of how I act, what I do and how I say things.

So, are your wounds healed?  Are you healing the wounds you’ve inflicted on others or did you just put a band-aid on it?




I live on a horse ranch. I'm good at what I do and what I do is be ME!

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