Traditions And Memories

With the Holiday season approaching, we often think about the hustle, bustle and busyness.  We are in a hurry, to get the best deals on the perfect gifts, to get ingredients for cooking those perfect meals.  Bake those perfect treats and fill the house with  “Holiday smell”.

In our family, the best part of the meals is everybody participates in preparing them.  We each have an assigned dish.   When it’s time to eat the tv is turned off, the Christmas CD’s are playing.  We come to the table.  Dad carves the turkey and everybody gets their favorite cut.  The side dishes are then passed around.  Then we pray.  Followed by a toast, several will be given through out the meal.  After dinner we blow out the candles, and clear the table.  Debate on whether we are having desert now or save it for another time.  Of course no Thanksgiving is complete without watching the parade and FOOTBALL!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we cut the last of last year’s fruitcakes while making this year’s fruitcakes.

The fun and busyness begins!  We like to decorate.  Big Christmas village.  Mom adds an elephant.  Mom made the 12 plates of Christmas.  We had a giant clock, we’d replace the numbers with the plates.  A few days before Christmas the family would have a party.  Games, food, fun.  My nieces and nephews would open presents from the older adults.  Tamales for the meal.  We would play games. Find the pickle.  We would over eat.  One year, incendiary devices.  Prizes.  No matter the weather that was the warmest day because we were together.  Mass on Christmas Eve.

Oh, the MEMORIES!   My younger sister would get up early and go see what Santa left us then tell us. I asked for nurse kits a lot because they came with candy sprinkles.  I always knew what to ask for the next year based on what my older sister got.  That annoyed her.   My parents regretted giving me drums.  I made all kinds of noise with those.  One year I got a Donny & Marie microphone that worked so well, the neighbors wanted an explanation!

As an adult I find great joy in watching other people express joy!  The kids trying not to fall asleep so they could keep playing with their toys.  Every gift was the “coolest ever!”

So, I want to know what your favorite memories and traditions are.  Let me know in comments.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Merry Christmas.  Happy New Year!




I live on a horse ranch. I'm good at what I do and what I do is be ME!

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