Don’t Leave It Unsaid

My dear friend Neil had a serious heart problem.  When he got scared he wrote sweet notes to people he cared about.  He talked about being grateful for friendship, how much he cared and loved and how special his friends were to him.  He left nothing unsaid.

That is a HUGE lesson.  Leave nothing unsaid.  We don’t get a second chance at life.  So, try to get it right now.  Why do we wait until funerals to eulogize someone?  Tell them NOW, while they can still hear how loved and special and valuable they are to you.

Speaking of eulogies and obituaries, there are people that choose to write their own.  Their own story.  Ok, that’s fine.  Not me, no one can read my handwriting.  So, I will LIVE my eulogy and let someone work out the details later.

Dear family and friends:  You are all very special to me.  You are all you’re own kind of you.  You are all special and beautiful.  Special places in my heart.  I love your warmth, kindness, generosity and humor.  I’ll take your anchovies because they come with you.  I love you all!




I live on a horse ranch. I'm good at what I do and what I do is be ME!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Leave It Unsaid”

  1. Very nice and so true! If we could just tell people how important they are to us why they are still alive this world would be a better place!

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