Unsung Heroes

I want to tell you about some REAL heroes.  They don’t wear capes.  They don’t fly.  Today, some of them don’t even know what a phone booth is!  The heroes I’m talking about are NURSES!

Nurses wear their hearts on their sleeve.  They hold you when you’re crying.  When you’re scared.  They listen.  They are the ones that tell you everything will be alright.  Nurses don’t judge.  They are always polite and honest!

I want to give a few nurses mention.  Mrs. Brooks, She was in the Air Force, Stationed at Wilford Hall on Lackland AFB.  When we met I was so young, she has memories of us that I don’t have!  She was everybody’s go-to.  When doctors wouldn’t listen, she MADE them listen.  Helped with medical supplies.  Explained things in language I understand.

Rick and staff at Connally Memorial Wound Care.  The very model of teamwork.  You all have put up with so much from me.  Sweetly said you were fine with the unfortunate stunts my body would pull.  You were all supportive of my MANY moods.  You treated me with love, kindness and respect.  Rick I love how you are with the student nurses.  They will be better for having you for a mentor and an example.

I have mentioned Noelle several times.  Under her care she makes a patient feel like they’re the most important person on Earth.

The Nurses in my Doctor’s office at Otto Kaiser.  GREAT listeners.   Competent thorough professionals.  They make a patient feel welcome, warm and loved.  They work as a team with the Doctor in the best interest of the patient.

Rachel, Otto Kaiser Home Health, you deserves a medal!  Again a sweetheart with dealing with my body and moods.  Since you are so good at your job, I can no longer verbally jab at you unless you come just to visit.

Nursing isn’t just handing the Doctor a scalpel or bandaging a wound, it is the  Most human job a person can have.  Cheers to the heroes we call NURSES!







Author: ademey1hotmail.com

I live on a horse ranch. I'm good at what I do and what I do is be ME!

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